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Submitted on
December 20, 2013
Mature Content


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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Request by anonymous: put Loki in your latest dream and make it a sexual Lokixreader fanfic
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Extra: Reader is shapeshifter (will be explained)
Loki may be a bit out of character
Spelling/grammar mistakes: Everywhere
Cursing: nope
I really really hope you like it

You ran through the enormous halls of the French Royal Castle. The walls were golden, a bit like Asgard -but less beautiful-, and covered with red draperies. Even though you were sort of running for your life, you giggled. They had been fooled so easily! You knew how to use your shape shifting powers well: you could transform into a perfect copy of any human being, even their voice. One of the great advantages of this shifting was that you could also speak their language as soon as you turned into them with ease. Yet you had become bored with fooling normal people in cafe's and pubs, so this time you chose someone else: The French Queen. This, however, turned out to be a slight mistake. You had, in disguise as her own guard, locked the real queen in her closet and attended a dinner with many rich French people. The real guards had found her before the end of the dinner and even though they had no clue what was happening, they knew you were an imposter.  And now, well, you had been running for about five minutes now, searching for a place to hide. You reached a remote part of the massive building and knew they would never search for you here; they would probably think you fled from the castle and search the outside. You chose one of the doors the hall had to offer and entered, searched for more locks and locked the door tightly.

Turning on your heels you examined the room. There was a spacious four-poster bed right in the middle against the back wall, against the other sides some closets and desks. Here too the walls were covered in red draperies. You guessed this would be one of the many important-rich-guest bedrooms and smiled with satisfaction as you revolved to the door again. A sudden yet almost unnoticeable swift of air made you aware of the person behind you and you turned around, hand ready to strike or to block any attack. However your wrist was caught in the pale but strong hand of the man who had become familiar with you the last few years. “Trying to hit a prince? For shame.”
“Hello there Loki.” You grinned and lowered your hand as he let go, his lips were curled in his usual smirk and his body clothed in his Stuttgart suit. It suited him and you smiled wider because of this stupid pun, but guessed everything would probably look good on him anyway. “I noticed your jocosity-gone-wrong. Quite amusing indeed,” he grinned, “you look gorgeous when you run and giggle at the same time.” You poked his chest with your index finger while looking him in his eyes. “Keep those jokes for yourself, mister Silvertongue, I knew what I was doing yet the external factors weren't something I had in control. I miscalculated some little things.” He laughed and watched you walk back to the door to lock the last two locks. Even with all this teasing you had become attracted to him, he wasn't so bad, just a little bit misunderstood.

“These walls are sound-proof, you know.” “So what?” you answered a bit absent as the last lock went a bit difficult, and as it clicked shut: “Got it!” Suddenly a cold, slender hand covered your mouth and your body was being held captive in the strong grip of his other arm as he pulled you against him, making it impossible for you to move. “So,” he hissed softly in your ear, “No one would hear your cries for help, your desperate screams, your frantic knocking. No one would be able to help you when I decide to hurt you, you would be left to die.” You stiffened a bit in his grip even though you knew he was testing you, he wouldn't hurt you. His cold breath made a shiver go down your spine but you kept calm, even though his body against yours sent your abdomen twisting in slight excitement. “The things I could do to you, no one would ever know.” Did you hear a underlying meaning? Was he still talking about hurting you or was it something else...  His hand moved up to cover your eyes and lightly pulled your head to the side, exposing your vulnerable neck. All that was needed to kill you was a short jerk, he would be able to snap your neck with ease.  Then, gently, his lips on the place where your neck joined your shoulder, placing kisses as he went up halfway your neck, his hand still covering your eyes and his grip on your body just as tight. Softly his teeth sank in your skin yet not breaking it nor hurting you, just leaving a small biting mark. When the kisses reached the spot below your ear he whispered: “I want you here and now.” His voice was commanding and full of desire, even his voice sent a pleasure through your veins. Just for a split second he loosened his grip by accident, but it was all you needed to turn around swiftly, grab his scarf and pull him in a passionate kiss. He was taken aback a bit and let go for a moment, but corrected himself by grabbing your waist and pulling you against his body again. Without breaking the kiss you pushed the jacket of his suit down his slender arms.

While kissing and unclothing each other the two of you moved towards the four-poster bed, and just as you were both fully naked you felt the edge against the back of your knees. He pushed you over so your back gently hit the soft bedsheets. You adored the view of his body: his slender yet muscular chest under those sharp cheekbones and lustful smirk. You crawled back a bit and sat up, but he already bent over and pushed you down again, hanging above you while leaning on his arms. With your own smirk on your lips you pushed him over and tried to gain control by sitting on his abdomen. With a laugh he looked you in your eyes, “Did you really think you could win from me?” He rolled you over again and kissed you, one hand pulling your back up so your bodies touched, the other hand tracing from your breasts to your inner thighs. A warm flow raced through your body and you clashed your hips against him, you wanted him in side of you. He pulled you in a sort of hug, lowering you onto him and filling you up. From both your mouths escaped a moan as pleasure hit you, you bit him in his shoulder which made him groan even louder. As he began to thrust, first slowly but increasingly faster and deeper, you grabbed his black hair. With every thrust he went deeper, sending more pleasure through your body and increasing the sound level of your cries of delict. Suddenly the room exploded and shattered around you in immense pleasure as both of you peaked.

The two of you fell down on the bedsheets again and you crouched against him, still panting from the just experienced intensity. Your forehead tucked under his chin, you traced his muscles with one hand. “That was amazing.” his voice resonated through your body, “You are mine.”
Here it is! I hope you enjoy it even though the sex scene is quite short in comparison to the other parts :S 
please tell me what I could do better to improve this story~
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Lady-Loki2 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
...I hate this.
Kidding, no, I love it. Fu- Freaking... I freaking love it. xD
Amber100 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww thank you so much!! :huggle: 
Lady-Loki2 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Your very welcome xDDD
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Deathtail-The-DraCon Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
another fan of loki oh thats great love this piece x3,exelent~ i got shivers from it
Amber100 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, part of Loki's army forever :D 
Aww thank you! I'm glad you liked it ^-^
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